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About tandler.com

tandler.com has more than 30 years of experience in software and procedure development for urban water management and hydrology. The tandler.com team consists of highly motivated staff members with educations in mathematics, computer science, engineering, and aquatic chemistry. The company has a long history of cooperation with leading national and international universities and scientific institutes regarding research and development of modelling, simulation, calculation, and analysis tools and methods within the field of urban water management. tandler.com is known for groundbreaking solutions and the employment of cutting-edge computational technology in developing IT-systems.

  • tandler.com ‘s main product, ++SYSTEMS, is a modular software environment that covers virtually all aspects of urban water management. It allows for hydrologic and hydraulic simulation and evaluation of sewer systems as well as of surface run-off (both including the transport of dissolved natural and anthropogenic substances). The system can be used for maintaining and updating sanitation systems to meet upcoming societal challenges such as climate change & demographic developments, as well as for planning of sanitation infrastructure for newly developed areas.
  • Furthermore, ++SYSTEMS uses state of the art visualization and interfacing techniques and is a fully independent, topical geographical information system, knowledge base, and administration tool for urban water management.
  • ++SYSTEMS is constantly evolving and is extended by various new functionalities – especially within the context of national and international scientific research projects.